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Hi all! We're occupational therapists Carrie Sardina (formerly Carrie Einck) (@sensorystrategyot) and Sarah Norris (The Sensory Coach). We have partnered to create Sensory Nerds, an initiative designed to bring neurodivergent adults living with sensory processing differences (SPD) together. Our mission is to:

  1. Cultivate a community for learning about living with sensory processing differences.

  2. Empower everyone to identify their unique sensory needs, work toward meeting their own needs, and advocate for support and understanding in their relationships with others.

  3. Facilitate a sense of stability, support, and gradual, sustainable change toward collectively living our individual lives in ways that align with and honor our differences.

Whether you are an adult doing your best to live with sensory processing differences, or you're here to up-level your knowledge and skills so you can better understand and support others, we are here to share what we know so far and continue to learn alongside you! 

- ❤ - 




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