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Sensory Nerds

Online Event Archives


Community Check-in (1/27/22-3/10/22) - Sensory Nerds community check in to discuss what directions 2022 will take our community. Please note: This group is for previous group participants only.

Monthly Meet Ups (4/14/22-6/23/22) - Informal discussion meet ups to stay in touch as a community.

Sensation + Eating Disorders Focus Groups (7/26/22-8/16/22) - Research initiative to explore group participants' lived experiences of living with intersecting sensory processing differences (SPD), neurodivergence (ND), and eating disorders (ED)

Targeted Resource + Skills Exploration Group: ED & SPD (9/25/22-10/30/22) 

Community Check-in (12/6/22)



Sensory Routines Group (1/21/21-2/25/21) - Taking care of your sensory needs requires a little planning and frequent tweaking. Join this group for tips to build in -- or rebuild -- simple sensory strategies into your everyday routines.


The Vestibular System: "Finding Equilibrium" (3/11/21-4/8/21) - Come explore your vestibular system, the seat of your sense of equilibrium, as we explore both physical and general life balance (or the lack thereof) and the significant impacts it has on your sense of safety and well-being.


The Proprioceptive System: "The Power of Proprioception" (4/29/21-5/27/21) - Proprioception is a little-known sensory system that plays a big role in how we feel. It helps with balance, posture, motor control, and is a huge component of body awareness. Join us to find out why it's worth a little love!


The Auditory System: "The Sensation of Sound" (6/17/21-7/15/21) - Processing sounds can be one of the most challenging sensory struggles to manage. Join us to learn and problem solve all things sound related in this five-week group.


The Interoceptive System: "A Look into Interoception" (8/5/21-9/2/21) - Interoception is the "8th" sensory system, and it is almost always impacted by sensory processing differences. Whether you are acutely aware of your internal sensations or struggle to notice when your body has a need, interoception plays a key role in your physical and emotional regulation.


Touch & the Tactile System (9/23/21-10/14/21) - Our tactile (touch) system gives us so much information about our own bodies as well as our nearby environment. It's our last line of "defense" in self-protection and is key to our sense of safety and connection.


The Visual System (10/28/21-11/18/21) - Our vision is considered by many experts as our dominant sense. It's often an area of strength for those with sensory processing differences. Our visual system is the source of up to 80% of the information we receive about our environment, and it guides many of our actions.


Taste, Smell, & Mouth Sensations (12/2/21-12/16/21) - Our 'near' senses of taste, smell, and mouth sensations say a lot about our sensory preferences. These senses are some of our most delicate (yet powerful) sources of sensory information.



Pilot: Support Group for Adults with SPD (3/25/20) - A 45-minute online support group focused on education, connection, and resource building.


Sensory Support Group Series (4/9/20-5/7/20) - A five-week series of topic-based support for adults with sensory processing disorder (SPD), high sensitivity, depression and/or anxiety led by two occupational therapists. Topics included:

  • Survival Mode is Okay! - Why it's perfectly okay to "just" survive

  • Sensory Self-Care - Using regulation tools from around the house

  • Setting Manageable Expectations - Making each day feel like a success

  • Rituals & Routines - Finding a new normal

  • Sensory Strategies for Sleep - Ways to wind down and sleep soundly

Self-“Diagnosis” Group (6/15/20-7/13/20) - For individuals without a formal sensory-based evaluation who wish to understand their own sensory patterns more fully.


Sensory Sensitive Group (6/16/20-7/14/20) - For anyone who identifies with being sensitive (or "over-responsive") to one or more sensations (visual, sound, tastes, touch, smells, movement, and internal sensations).


General Discussion Group (6/18/20-7/16/20) - Guided topical conversations about sensory processing based on group member interests.


Self-Care Group (8/3/20-8/31/20) - Self-care strategy exploration for those who know their sensory differences. Topics include self-advocacy, simple lifestyle changes, sensory strategies, techniques, and sensory tools.


Sensory 101 Group (8/6/20-9/3/20) - For individuals, parents, and professionals who want to learn about sensory processing and integration and discover what it is, how it impacts life, and how to harness the power of sensation.


"Let's Talk About Conflict" Group (9/24/20-10/22/20) - Outlines the basics of Nonviolent Communication for application across all your relationships, both present and hopes for the future.

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