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Sensory Nerdy Stuff: Vestibular Edition

Here are some educational articles and research studies about the vestibular system that we found interesting and are freely available on the internet (in no particular order):

  1. The Human Balance System by the Vestibular Disorders Association, with contributions by Mary Ann Watson, MA, and F. Owen Black, MD, FACS, and Matthew Crowson, MD

  2. What is Vestibular Weakness? by Richard L. Pullen, Jr. in Nursing Made Incredibly Easy

  3. Vestibular stimulation on a motion-simulator impacts on mood states by Lotta Winter, et al in Frontiers in Psychology

  4. Visuo-vestibular contributions to anxiety and fear by Carlos Coelho and Carey Balaban in Neuroscience and Behavioral Reviews

  5. 7 Components for Effective Balance Training by Lori Diamos for Athletico Physical Therapy

  6. Tai Chi and vestibular rehabilitation effects on gaze and whole-body stability by Chris MacGibbon, et al in the Journal of Vestibular Research

  7. Aging of the Human Vestibular System by Christopher K. Zalewski in Seminars in Hearing

  8. Perspectives on Aging Vestibular Function by Eric Anson1 and John Jeka in Frontiers in Neurology

  9. Dissociating vestibular and somatosensory contributions to spatial orientation by Bart Alberts, et al in the Journal of Neurophysiology

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